wineo 500 medium V2 Sol stratifié

For every type: a wide spectrum of decors and formats creates an unprecedented variety of design at a high level – anything is possible here

Ascona Pine Nature LA036MV2
  • Structure bois mat rustique
  • Parquet à l’ancienne à 1 frise
  • 1288 x 195 mm

The wineo 500 medium V2 collection consists of 12 unmistakable wood decors. The 2-sided V-joints ensure a deceptively genuine appearance here. The bevelled long edges support the length effect of the panels and increase the optical depth. The partly very striking and extraordinary designs are convincing in this laminate flooring collection. The thick timber beams on a building site, which were discoloured with dried cement, served as inspiration e.g. for the Lumber White decor. You can thereby create a very unique look in your home. The 1288 x 195 mm plank format is suitable for universal use.

The range of matching skirting boards rounds off the interior design perfectly. In addition you can improve the impact sound with our Sound-Protect- Eco Plus impact sound insulation. This also comes optionally on a roll.

  • 12 unmistakable wood decors with authentic V-joint  
  • Utilization class 23 / 32
  • Variety of surface textures
  • Tried-and-tested Loc-Tec locking system
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Can be used in damp rooms
  • Durable, easy care and antistatic S
  • Sound-Protect Eco impact sound insulation optionally available on a roll
Type de pose: Pour coller
Format: 1288 x 195 mm
Isolation acoustique intégrée: sans isolation acoustique intégrée
Epaisseur du produit: 8 mm
Contenu du paquet: 9 Paneele / 2,26 m²
Classe d’utilisation: 23 / 32
Panneau support: Aqua-Protect
Résistance à l’abrasion: AC4
Résistance aux chocs: IC 2
Tenue au feu: C fl - s1
Résistance au glissement: μ ≥ 0,30 DS
Propriétés anti-statiques: ≤ 2 kV
Résistance aux taches: Groupe 1+2 : ≥ degré 5 / groupe 3 : ≥ degré 4
Résistance à la lumière: Echelle de blauwoll : ≥ 6 / échelle de gris : ≥ 4
Poinçonnement rémanent: ≤ 0,01 mm - keine sichtbare Veränderung
Essai de la chaise à roulettes: Type W - aucune modification visible
Emission d’aldéhyde formique: E1